LHE Hair Removal

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LHE Hair Removal

thumbnail (2) Utilizes the same technology found in our Photo-Facials this is a permanent hair REDUCTION procedure for small areas of the body. Intense pulses of light and heat are applied to the affected areas to destroy the hair at its root. Multiple treatments are necessary and maintenance is required.

Schedule a consult and receive a series of “test” pulses to determine your personal treatment plan. Full treatment may be available that same day.

For upper lip, chin, underarms and bikini price is $5 per pulse.1 pulse treats an area from ½ inch to 2 inches. Amount of pulses varies by area size and hair thickness.

Approximate prices:

  • Upper Lip -Starting at $50
  • Chin  $30-$100
  • Underarms  $80-$100
  • Bikini  $90-$120